Learning reports, updated daily

The plan:

Finish 15-455 before 2/14[cancelled]

Finish 15-855 before 3/1 3/14

15-855 plan: learn 1 lecture every day till 2/28.

Learn “Computational Discrete Mathematics” parallel to the course

Also, learn “Approximation Algorithms” whenever possible.

Then learn bootcamp, beyond bootcamp and another course.

2021/02/04 22:46

Today I was able to finish L7 , 5/6 of L8 and most of assignment 2. I also skimmed through L30.

2021/02/05 22:44

Today I was unable to learn much, and this is because lack of plan and lack of interest in learning the 15-455 course. I found that I have already learned most of the materials though admittedly, learning the course and doing homework takes time and great effort. Typesetting takes up few times more time than thinking up the solution and with such amount of time I believe I would be able to solve much more problems and learn much more advanced knowledge.

However I was able to watch the first lecture of LBCC today. I also surveyed which courses and materials could be in use after learning 15-855.

I will skip learning the course 15-455 for tomorrow. Tomorrow I will:

  1. Spend 4 hours on the 15-855 course
  2. Spend 4 hours on the book “Approximation Algorithms”
  3. (Probably) Continue to watch the Simons Institute Bootcamp
  4. Go climbing mountains

2021/02/06 22:57

I was again unable to learn much today. Why??? I don’t know. I was able to learn(watch?) the first lecture of 15-855, and read some of the approximation algorithms book.

Tomorrow, I will:

  1. Learn lecture #2 and (probably) #3 of 15-855(2017)
  2. Attempt to finish HW#1 of 15-855
  3. Read some more “Approximation Algorithms.”

2021/02/07 23:33

Today I was able to finish targets #1 and #2 but was unable to do any of #3.

Tomorrow I will attempt to learn more stuff & write down how I spent my time & ensure not to waste much time.

I cannot upload the homework here because I wish to check it again.

Tomorrow I will learn lecture #4, #5 and probably #6. I will attempt to finish HW#2 and upload HW#1. With more time left I will upload assignments from the undergraduate course.

2021/02/08 22:20

I was able to finish lectures #4 and #5 and think up the solution of the homework. Not using my time wisely enough, perhaps.

Everyday I will strive to finish two lectures and one homework of 15-855. For the time left, I will learn approximation algorithms.

2021/02/09 21:41

The first homework of the graduate course 15-855:

Today I was able to finish lecture #5 and do 2 problems of #HW3 by myself. Problems are difficult and doing 2 lectures and 1 homework everyday might be simply too difficult.

2021/02/10 22:37

After a bit of calculation I found that the course could be (almost) finished before 3/1 even if I do only one lecture every day. Perhaps I will try that instead because homework is more tedious than I previously imagined. Today my brain was toast and I was only able to continue with HW 2 and 3.

2021/02/11 23:21

Today is Chinese New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow I will upload a detailed plan for lectures. I am also planning to learn Computation and Discrete Mathematics (CMU 15-354) parallel to the class.

2021/02/12 22:13

Today is spring festival. Today I learned lecture #6 and started to read reading material. Only today did I found that it is intended for students to attend the lecture before doing the reading.

2021/02/13 22:55

Today I learned lecture #7, #8 of 15-855.

Tomorrow I will:

  1. Finish homework #3
  2. Finish homework #4
  3. Learn more lectures
  4. Learn approximation algorithms

2021/02/14 23:59

Today I was able to learn lecture #9, #10 of 15-858 and typeset (most of) homework #3.

Tomorrow I will learn all lectures that is supposed to learn before the midterm test and finish homework and start thinking for test problems.

2021/02/15 20:07

Nothing was done.

2021/02/16 23:51

Learned lecture #11.

2021/02/17 23:18

Learned lecture #12 and attempted to solve homework #4 and #5, was able to solve some of the problems.

Tomorrow I will solve homework #4, #5 and the test #1.

2021/02/18 22:45

Today I was able to solve 2 more problems with some help from Ce Jin. Tomorrow I will attempt test #1.

2021/02/19 21:38

I believe am suffering from fatigue somehow. Tomorrow I will continue with test #1.

2021/02/20 22:50

I recovered and was able to make sense of problems of test #1. Tomorrow I will typeset everything and finish reviewing all material before lecture #12. From Monday I will learn lecture #13.

2021/02/21 22:27

Yes, I was not able to keep up with the plan still. I did not typeset anything but did review some materials. Tomorrow I will start learning lecture #13 anyway.

2021/02/22 22:50

I was able to review everything before lecture #12 and learn some of lecture #13. I will continue to learn lecture #13 and learn lecture #14 tomorrow, as well as typesetting stuff.

2021/02/23 22:54

Little was done. I finished learning lecture #13, and updated OIerDb upon Chengao Liu’s request.

2021/02/24 23:12

Today I was able to learn lecture #14 and nothing else. I will learn more tomorrow! I will also compete in Google Hash Code competition.

I found that reading lecture notes and watching only 10% of the lecture is a much more efficient way to learn.

2021/02/26 22:32





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